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Sie suchen neue Freunde oder eine Partnerschaft? Bei uns finden Sie gleichgesinnte Menschen, die voller Lebenserfahrung sind Kostenlose Lieferung möglic A Digital Single Market (DSM) is one in which the free movement of persons, services and capital is ensured and where the individuals and businesses can seamlessly access and engage in online activities under conditions of fair competition, and a high level of consumer and personal data protection, irrespective of their nationality or place of residence The Digital Single Market is a policy belonging to the European Single Market that covers digital marketing, E-commerce and telecommunications. It was announced in May 2015 by the Juncker Commission. Margrethe Vestager, a member of the European Commission, is responsible for the Digital Single Market as of 1 December 2019 The European Commission is working on a digital transformation that will benefit everyone. The European Commission has been working to coordinate, complement and initiate measures to deal with every aspect of the coronavirus pandemic. Latest news on the Digital Single Market Press release 25 November 202

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Digital single market Under the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (Articles 179-180), the EU aims to open up digital opportunities for people and businesses, making full use of the potential of digital data to benefit the economy and society. The EU aims to make its single market fit for the digital age On 2 March 2018 Theresa May declared that On digital, the UK will not be part of the EU's Digital Single Market, which will continue to develop after our withdrawal from the EU. This is a fast evolving, innovative sector, in which the UK is a world leader Digital Single Market (CNECT.DDG2.F) European Union > European Commission > Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology > Deputy Director-General in charge of Directorates B-D-F-G-I.

Der Rat legt seinen Standpunkt zur Einrichtung eines zentralen digitalen Zugangstors (Single digital gateway) fest, das Bürgern und Unternehmen einen Online-Zugang zu Informationen, Verfahren und Unterstützung bieten soll. Dieser Standpunkt - eine allgemeine Ausrichtung - ermöglicht die Aufnahme von Verhandlungen mit dem Europäischen Parlament. Im zentralen digitalen Zugangstor werden. on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market and amending Directives 96/9/EC and 2001/29/EC (Text with EEA relevance) THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION, Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, and in particular Article 53(1) and Articles 62 and 114 thereof, Having regard to the proposal from the European Commission. Juncker appointed Estonian politician, Andrus Ansip, as Vice-President for the Digital Single Market within the EC that year, tasked with working with Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, and other sections within the EC to come up with the necessary legislative steps that would be required to implement a Digital Single Market A DLA Piper blog focusing on IPT in German The digital single market strategy aims to ensure that Europe's economy, industry and society take full advantage of the new digital era.Alongside e-solutions and data, and cross-border digital services, it is an integral part of EU's project for a digital Europe

A Digital Single Market (DSM) is one in which the free movement of persons, services and capital is ensured and where the individuals and businesses can seamlessly access and exercise online activities under conditions of fair competition, and a high level of consumer and personal data protection, irrespective of their nationality or place of residence Der Unionsgesetzgeber hat den Mitgliedstaaten mit der Richtlinie (EU) 2019/790 vom 17. April 2019 über das Urheberrecht im digitalen Binnenmarkt (im Folgenden: DSM-RL; DSM für Digital Single Market) einen umfangreichen Rechtsetzungsauftrag erteilt To create an inclusive, competitive and sustainable Europe we need to create a fully functioning Digital Single Market. Join the movement, led by Andrus Ansi..

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  1. ating the red tape for businesses selling cross-border. To achieve its key objectives, Digital Single Market legislation covers a wide range of issues, including e-commerce, online platforms, data protection or geo-blocking
  2. Richtlinie (EU) 2019/790 . Titel: Richtlinie (EU) 2019/790 des Europäischen Parlaments und des Rates vom 17. April 2019 über das Urheberrecht und die verwandten Schutzrechte im digitalen Binnenmarkt und zur Änderung der Richtlinien 96/9/EG und 2001/29/E
  3. Digital Single Market: EU negotiators agree to facilitate access to online TV and radio content across borders. Brussels, 13 December 2018. The negotiators of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council, have today reached a political agreement on the proposed copyright legislation on TV and radio programmes. The new rules will make it easier for European broadcasters to.
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  5. Could creating a digital single market in the EU and removing barriers online help give a boost to European companies? The European Commission outlined its strategy on 6 May, while it will also feature on the agenda of the European Council on 25-26 June. Meanwhile the Parliament is planning to respond with an own-initiative report on the digital market. They debated the issue on 19 May, during.
  6. Digital single market. Recent articles Huawei challenges legality of 5G bans in Poland, Romania November 2, 2020 4:42 am By Laurens Cerulus Sweden bans Huawei, ZTE equipment from key parts of 5G network October 20, 2020 10:40 am By Laurens Cerulus.

Second Act to adapt copyright law to the requirements of the Digital Single Market . The Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection has published a discussion draft for a Second Act to adapt copyright law to the requirements of the Digital Single Market. A public consultation is being held until 31 July 2020 4,703 Followers, 287 Following, 1,012 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Digital Single Market (@digitalsinglemarket

Visualisation tool for open datasets, indicators about EU Digital Single Market policies, digital progress of European Economy and Society, DESI index and country factsheets. Search for indicators. Data Visualisation Tool - Data & Indicators. 1. Digital Economy and Society Index. The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) is a composite index that summarises relevant indicators on Europe's. The European digital single market, as developed by the European Parliament with the use of research and scientific evidence prepared for its committees and working groups, played an essential role in maintaining the EU economy and assisting European citizens during the COVID-19 crisis. Legal basis . Articles 4(2)(a), 26, 27, 114 and 115 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. Certainly, countries with ambitious targets in line with the EU Digital Single Market Strategy who combined them with adapted investment performed better in a relatively short period of time. Having said that, the results showed that the largest EU economies are not front-runners when it comes to digital which suggests that the speed of digital transformation must accelerate for the EU to stay. The Digital Single Market (DSM) constitutes an integral part of the EU's priorities for the next five years and beyond. Progress towards a connected, integrated and well-functioning DSM is linked with the development of safe digital products and systems, which comply with EU regulatory frameworks To create an inclusive, competitive and sustainable Europe we need to create a fully functioning Digital Single Market. Join the movement, led by Andrus Ansip & Mariya Gabriel at the European.

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Title Building a Digital Single Market strategy for Latin America Editor CAF Corporate Vicepresident, Infraestructure Antonio Juan Sosa Telecommunications and Digital Economics S A true EU wide digital single market will offer opportunities to businesses and consumers. Businesses will be able to achieve scale and have access to better information and lower transaction costs. Consumers will be able to benefit from higher number of offers at lower prices. Removing remaining barriers to the digital single market can add up to € 415 billion to European GDP. In order to. Digital Single Market - 9 December, 2019 - 22:34. I believe that the European Union is not making enough efforts to create a Single Digital Market. Certain steps and measures are taken in this direction and may eventually become a reality. It would be great to be able to make calls to any EU country with no extra charge and watch the demanded videos without restriction. This is not. Making the European Union's single market fit for the digital age requires tearing down unnecessary regulatory barriers and moving from individual national markets to one single EU-wide rulebook. These steps could contribute €415 billion per year to economic growth, boosting jobs, competition, investment and innovation in the EU. The EU's Digital Single Market Strategy is built on three.

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Numerous legislative acts to stimulate the Digital Single Market were adopted under the Juncker Commission. These now need to be transposed and implemented in an effective and harmonised manner across the EU. Given the importance of digital technologies for Europe's economy and society, the rapid pace of evolution of those technologies and the increasing global competition for digital. Although the European Digital Market has been in place since 2015, much remains to be done to tackle disparities between EU member states and to ensure fair taxation. News Digital 21-01-201 Digital Single Market Strategy are to break down regulatory walls and ensure that competitors operate in a free and fair market; and also to move away from the fragmented and eclectic mix of laws and regulations that currently govern the online environment in the EU's 28 Member States. The Commission believes that the need to comply with multiple local laws across different member states can.

On 6 May 2015, the European Commission announced its 'Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe'. This strategy was based on three pillars: - A better access to online goods and services for consumers and businesses across Europe; - the creating framework conditions conducive to digital networks and services; and - a maximum growth potential for the European digital economy The availability of public and private data plays a crucial role for the digital single market. Increasing the availability of data by incentivizing and mandating public and private actors to share their data ranks high on the EU policy agenda. When designing suitable legal data sharing regimes, there is an inevitable need to balance multiple public and private interests. While there have been. The new research report on Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera market offers a brief summary of this business vertical while elucidating the growth factors, opportunities, challenges & restraints, and prospects influencing the industry remuneration. According to the research analysis, the Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera market is expected to grow with a CAGR of XX% during the period of 2020.

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The Digital Single Market (DSM) is the largest component of the Single Market programme. It is comprised of a considerable number of Directives, Regulations and other instruments aimed at facilitating cross border digital services. This means that on-line banking, on-line shopping sites, on-line games and cross-border services such as satellite and online television channels, like the BBC and. Digital Single Market. 32,989 likes · 131 talking about this. The movement for digital action in Europ 4 A DIGITAL SINGLE MARKET. An integrated digital market in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) would add up to a 65+ million market. It is just one step on the way to a European single digital market and a global digital market, but it is all the same a very productive step to take. This report is part of a project aimed at exploring a regional approach to a digital single market in the BSR. It is. I recognise the digital gap and actions are needed. But market-based competition is still the best tool in the long run. When the amount of data is doubling every year and a half or so.

The digital single market goes beyond any particular piece of legislation or any particular member state, or any particular institution, Gabriel said at a press conference in Brussels, after meeting with telecommunications ministers on Monday. Read and decide Join EUobserver today Become an expert on Europe Get instant access to all articles — and 20 years of archives. 14-day free trial. How COVID-19 apps show the limits of the EU digital single market. In their toolkit against a pandemic that knows no borders, several EU countries have bet on new technology from our era of globalisation: digital contact tracing COVID-19 apps. But the way they've been rolled out illustrate troublesome limits to the EU digital single market

Digital Single Market. 15 Table 3. Overview of research on ex ante impacts on growth. 32 Table 4 . Overview of research on ex post impacts on growth. 34 Table 5 . Digital Single Market (DSM): Legal instruments adopted or proposed during the 8th Legislature (2 014-2019). 40 Table 6: Estimated annual benefits of selected legal instruments adopted. European Contract Law and the Digital Single Market, an edited collection consisting of carefully selected contributions by leading scholars, addresses the impact of digital technology on European Private Law in light of the latest legislativ

Safeguarding the Digital Single Market's E-Commerce Ecosystem Combining an automatic, rigorous, distributed and open-source toolkit Prevention & Response System interfaces security & appropriate response to the affected users and partners. Monitoring & Mitigation Run-time interface operations at the application and network level for resilience against both known and unknown threats. The Observatory of the Digital Transition and the Single Market was set up with a view to providing the EESC with a flexible, horizontal structure enabling it to: Analyse how the Digital Single Market operates; Identify shortcomings and obstacles; and Propose solutions. The Observatory concentrates on the development of the EU Digital Single Market and covers the activities of the EESC on. The Digital Single Market strategy has raised questions about its impact on U.S.-EU trade and investment, especially with respect to cross-border data flows, data protection, standards development. We want to see a digital single market where there is greater availability of legitimate content on fair and reasonable terms. This should reduce incentives for copyright piracy and ensure that.

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Digital Single Market Overview. The EU Digital Single Market and Digital Economy Unit within the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI) is responsible for ensuring a whole of Government approach and cross-Government coordination of the Digital Single Market (DSM) agenda and for leading the DSM Inter-Departmental Committee (IDC), which is chaired by the Minister for Trade. EU Digital Single Market in Ukraine hat 614 Mitglieder. http://digitalsinglemarket.org.ua/ Наша мета приєднання України до Єдиного. Digital Single Market: Commission publishes guidance on free flow of non-personal data. Brussels, 29 May 2019. Today, the European Commission published a new guidance on the interaction of free flow of non-personal data with the EU data protection rules. As part of the Digital Single Market strategy, the new Regulation on the free flow of non-personal data, which has started to apply in the. An aspirational digital single market concept and the changin of digital trade are explored. A digital economic integration fr is interoperable, inclusive, and agile is proposed to address the creation of an ASEAN digital single market. Requisite c policy solutions are identified, and an empowered digital tra board with the task of leading the change agenda is pro governance enabler across the. It argues that what started as a legislative instrument to promote the digital single market turned into an industry policy tool, shaped more by effective lobbying than evidence and expertise. The result is a flawed piece of legislation. Despite some positive aspects, the Directive includes multiple problematic provisions, including the controversial new right for press publishers and the new.

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Quelle: Europäische Kommission, CNECT: Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI); 2019, 2020 Digitalpolitik im EU Vergleich EU-Ranking nach DESI-Index (0 bis 100) Grafik zeigt die Struktur des DESI-Index auf der Grundlage einer gewichteten Summe seiner fünf Komponenten. Quelle: Europäische Kommission, CNECT: Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI); 2019, 2020 Wie setzen wir um? Prozentualer. On 6 May this year, the European Commission published its strategy for achieving the single digital market. It is something of a mixed bag, with 16 different initiatives in a wide range of areas Vortrag auf der Adtrader Conference 2019 von Dr. Anselm Rodenhausen, Legal & Policy Officer EUROPÄISCHE KOMMISSION Thema: The Digital Single Market: Shaping the. The raison d'etre for the Digital Single Market (DSM) was to incorporate the digital economy into European integration. But from its very launch, the EU's five-year DSM strategy always went far beyond that important task, imposing too many restrictions on new technologies

After months of preparation, the European Commission (EC) released its broad 5-year roadmap in early May for information and communications technology (ICT) policy, the Digital Single Market Strategy, or DSM EU Digital Single Market in Ukraine hat 615 Mitglieder. http://digitalsinglemarket.org.ua/ Наша мета приєднання України до Єдиного.

The first draft of the proposed directive was created on 14 September 2016, After many changes to the original draft, the Council of the European Union's Committee of Permanent Representatives (The EU's political leaders, abbreviated to COREPER) approved of the new changes on 25 May 2018. Afterwards, they prepared to vote for what would be the final draft of this new directive, but without the. All the single data market is going to do is turn Europe into even more of a backwater than it already is. Indeed, the drive to close the gap in technology with more centralisation is a perfect.

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  1. Axel VOSS (EPP, DE), rapporteur, speaks to the press about the deal in trilogue on the copyright directive for the digital single market, in the European Parliament, in Strasbourg
  2. EU Digital Single Market and Digital Economy Unit. The role of the Digital Single Market Unit and Digital Economy Unit in the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI) is to: Ensure a whole of government approach and cross government coordination of the DSM agenda. Lead the Interdepartmental Committee on the Digital Single Market Chaired by the Minister of State for Trade.
  3. The European Commission wants to create a single market for digital content, but critics say the plans could still kill the film industry. Europe's plans to erase national barriers to.
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  5. The Digital Single Market Strategy addresses data protection and copyright but not contract law. The proposed Directive concerning contracts for the supply of digital content fills this gap but only applies to business to consumer contracts and is silent about the qualification of data contracts. This article seeks to clarify the factual and legal situation underlying contracts concerning data.

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  1. Transposing the Digital Single Market Directive in your own country 06 June 2019 Carpe Diem — Seizing the Day. by Barbara Stratton Chair, EBLIDA Expert Group on Information Law. The new DSM Directive becomes la
  2. Without it, the Digital Single Market will quickly grind to a halt. One step towards building trust in technology is harmonizing regulation across Europe, so that the rules governing digital services and solutions are clear, coherent and consistent. And calls for this have not gone unheeded. The European Commission has already put forward a raft of initiatives to help smooth the way towards.
  3. European Contract Law and the Digital Single Market. Implications of the Digital Revolution. Ed. by Alberto De Franceschi. - Cambridge, Antwerp, Portland: Intersentia 2016. XIV, 266 pp., 10.1628/rabelsz-2019-0011, Jahrgang 83 (2019) / Heft 1, 0033-7250 (1868-7059), The Rabel Journal of Comparative and International Private La
  4. Digital Single Market The second chapter of the communication offered sections on the action areas of the Digital Agenda. First came the challenge of the Digital Single Market (section 2.1.), from page 7 to 14. The communication noted that the Internet is borderless, but the European online markets highly fragmented. Consequently, the EU is falling behind in terms of offer to consumers and.

The European Parliament has once again made a seismic ruling affecting the digital landscape across the continent, with MEPs voting 348 against 274 (36 abstentions) to implement a series of hard-hitting internet copyright laws.Two provisions within the directive, articles 15 and 17 (confusingly these were changed last minute from articles 11 and 13), have generated the most controversy Category:Digital Single Market. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Digital Single Market Upload media Wikipedia: Instance of: public policy: Applies to jurisdiction: European Union: Authority control Q21051382. Reasonator; PetScan; Scholia; Statistics; Search depicted; Subcategories. This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2. With regard to the Digital Services Act ('DSA'), this result of the analysis implies that any further manifestation of the general monitoring ban in the DSA would have to be construed and applied - in the light of applicable CJEU case law - as a safeguard against encroachments upon the aforementioned fundamental rights and freedoms. If the final text of the DSA does not contain a.

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  1. Shop. Προσφορές | Black November; Αρχείο τευχών ΦΩΤΟγράφου; Μονοθεματικά τεύχη ΦΩΤΟγράφο
  2. Avv. Alessandro La Rosa La proposta di modifica alla direttiva Servizi Media Audiovisivi. La Commissione Europea, nell'ambito della strategia per il mercato unico digitale, ha presentato recentemente una proposta di direttiva volta a modernizzare il quadro legislativo europeo in materia di fornitori di servizi media audiovisivi. La proposta di direttiva interviene a modifica della Direttiv
  3. Digital Single Market Strategy (May 2015) announced integrated standardisation plan to identify and define key priorities () for DSM European Council (25-26 June 2015) agreed that action must be taken () to identify and deliver rapidly on the key ICT standardisation priorities Public consultation (September 2015 - January 2016) and . advice from stakeholders (MSP) (June 2015.
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  1. e t he success of E uropean e- ret ailers globally. What makes an e-ret ailer compet it ive in a global market is.
  2. The creation of a digital single market across Europe is an exciting prospect for both consumers and businesses. According to the European Commission, it could add €415 billion annually to our economy and bring jobs and better services to the EU. In my role as BBVA's Chief Development Officer and Head of New Digital Businesses, I passionately believe that the financial services element is.
  3. ated, and in which a digital economy and inclusive society thrive, with benefits for all citizens, businesses and governments. The SDM Vision can be broken down into three components, each of which builds on the next: • Single connectivity market. This.
  4. The European Union (EU) recently unveiled plans for a digital single market (DSM), which will affect all aspects of online business from e-commerce through to copyright rules. Through the.

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The three pillars of the Digital Single Market strategy are: 1. Better access to digital goods and services across Europe. 2. Ensuring that the right conditions are created to enable digital. This paper presents Telecentre Europe's position on Digital Single Market Strategy. Key messages: Europeans should be considered not only as consumers, but as digitally-active producers, workers and citizens. Development of e-government services should go hand-in-hand with development of skills. Entrepreneurs and micro, small & medium-size enterprise (SME) owners need up-to-date digital. The digital single market will also initiate a review of rules governing telecoms, media companies, online platforms, and privacy issues spawned by the mass collection of personal data. Today, we lay the groundwork for Europe's digital future. I want to see pan-continental telecom networks, digital services that cross borders, and a wave of innovative European start-ups, said European. The Digital Single Market Strategy has numerous positive aspects, from the moment it identified the key issues for the creation of a Digital Single Market. Nevertheless, it is important that the Commission improves its strategy, putting individuals and their rights at the centre of any proposal they will issue. Our overview of the Digital Single Market Communication (17.05.2015) https://edri.

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04.09.2019. BRUSSELS, 04 September 2019 - A new study by the European Parliament has found that deepening EU digital single market (DSM) rules to include online gambling could deliver nearly €6 billion in savings for EU consumers and businesses per year and fill existing gaps in Europe's consumer protection framework Cross-border electronic identity (e-ID) solutions are a missing link in developing the EU digital single market. Safe and efficient identification of remote counterparties is key in an increasingly digital economy, and by integrating the roll out of both eGovernment and private solutions, synergies can be found. However, e-ID solutions are currently widely fragmented across the EU as. Digital Single Market Boosting the Aspiration for a Single Market in the Digital Era Paul John Mendoza Peña Graduate School of Economics De La Salle University—Manila DA11th Regional Capacity Building Workshop Asia-Pacific Integration: Measuring, Monitoring and Improving Performance for Sustainable Development 23 April 2020 United Nations ESCAP @pauljohnpena. https://bit.ly/ASEANdsm An. The European Commission's (EC) Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy includes measures to help the online single market and enable cross-border trade in Europe.The CMA's interest in the EC's.

However, current models of film financing are under increasing pressure both from market developments such as the turbulent growth of global online video platforms, and from developments in EU law aimed at removing national territorial barriers to the Single Market. Examples are the rule of Union-wide exhaustion of the distribution right, the EU Portability Regulation and the country of origin. Artificial Intelligence - The consequences of artificial intelligence on the (digital) single market, production, consumption, employment and society (own-initiative opinion) This page is also available in. fr; Adopted on 31/05/2017 - Bureau decision date: 22/09/2016. Reference: INT/806-EESC-2016-05369-00-00-AC-TRA . Opinion Type: Own-initiative opinion. Official Journal: OJ C 288, 31.8.2017. Promoting a fair and efficient European copyright-based economy in the Digital Single Market (2 November 2016) https://goo.gl/3phtsh. EU Implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty (2 November 2016) https://goo.gl/JI50EH (response received 8 November Digital Single Market for All: 5th and final week of #CyberSecMonth 2015 The European Cyber Security Month, the EU advocacy campaign running through October, promoting cyber security is almost coming to its completion this week. This week's theme is dedicated to a Digital Single Market for All. Published on October 26, 2015 Tagged with Network and Information Security Awareness.

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Market report study by titled Global Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025 offers an in-depth focused approach on subjective research, describing product scope and elaborating industry insights and outlook to 2025. The report helps grab the attention of the clients by providing information regarding the Digital Single. Long Read : Final stretch for the Digital Single Market Directive 29 March 2019 by Barbara Stratton, Chair, EBLIDA Expert Group on Information La

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Wenn der Gesetzgeber bei seiner Arbeit keine Rücksicht auf Grundrechte nimmt, muss er damit rechnen, dass sich außerparlamentarischer Widerspruch formiert On 17 May 2019 the new Directive (EU) 2019/790 on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market was officially published (DSM Directive). Article 17 (ex-Article 13) is one of its most controversial provisions. Article 17 tasks the Commission with organizing stakeholder dialogues to ensure uniform application of the obligation of cooperation between online content-sharing service. Underlying the Digital Single Market Strategy is Europe's conspicuous failure to produce any truly global online platforms. Yet Europe is getting better at producing $1bn-valued tech firms ('unicorns'), and within Europe the UK leads the field, having produced half of the unicorns in Europe. The UK thus stands to gain more from the creation of a Digital Single Market than any other EU. The Commission's plans for the EU Digital Single Market (DSM) have evolved gradually, although the big reveal on 6 May still garnered plenty of attention, especially since it includes an . antitrust review of the e-commerce sector to gather information on perceived artificial barriers to online trade. There is a strong feeling in the Commission that the EU has surrendered ground to non.

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line with the overall objective of the CDSM Directive to ensure a fair digital single market. The ECS believes that the Articles 18-22 and the rights they confer, could benefit from collective bargaining agreements, establishing sectoral codes of practices or model schemes and conditions, or agreeing upon adaptations of standard legal provisions. Member States are encouraged to have recourse. Advantages & Disadvantages of the Single Market . Quick revise. Advantages. Consumers have lower prices, more choice, and opportunities for work throughout the EU. Businesses have more consumers and are able to exploit economies of scale. Disadvantages. In reality worker mobility is not as great as hoped. Many businesses still see barriers . Monopolies may be formed - these are an example of. The Commission has released the results of a Eurobarometer survey to better understand the attitude of EU households and citizens towards new Internet-based communications services as compared to legacy telecom services, and to measure the related expectations and needs for consumer protection. The survey also measures the means of reception of TV broadcast services, the uptake of service.

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